Photographer / Videographer

Melissa Krejci

MAK Images Photography opened for business in 2006; born out of a desire for a creative outlet. I have been interested in photography since I was young. Film photography and the good old fashion dark room was where I started in high school. Today, I shoot all digital. I’m a Canon girl!

I am married to a wonderful man! Ryan builds custom homes and heads up Ideal Designs and Trademark Homes here in Omaha, NE. On occasion, we team up to create marketing pieces, capture construction in progress, and to show off his latest model homes. Together we are taking on new business ventures together at every turn.

Photography became ever so more important to me when Ryan and I became parents in July 2010 to our son Troy, then welcomed our daughter Kaylee in June 2013 and recently added Elli in the fall of 2016. Our precious little ones have made my job as photographer and mommy very personal. My walls are now decorated with their sweet faces and memories we have captured!

It is my pleasure to capture families, precious newborn babies, children, special moments, weddings, couples, and high school seniors. Each session is unique and specifically designed to match your style. It is my goal to shoot individuals in their element, showing off who they are thru and thru!

I look forward to meeting you and being your family photographer for many years to come. Our motto is to always be positive, always be giving, and always strive for greatness!

Remember…the opposite of success is not failure, but rather not trying!

MAK Images is based in Omaha, NE. If you would like more information about MAK Images Photography services, please shoot us an email: